ProjectLocker Emergency Maintenance - August 5, 2015 -

Published 05 August 2015 by C. G. Brown

4:52 ET

The server appears to be back online. Customers should again have access.

4:08 ET

The RAID Arrays are 93% rebuilt.

3:21 ET

Tthe RAID Arrays are 67% rebuilt. 

2:21 ET

The faulty drives have been replaced and the RAID Arrays are 45% rebuilt. 

12:32 ET

The data center has reported two drives with warnings, which caused degradation of the array. We have requested that they replace the drive that is in worse shape, rebuild the array, and get customers back online ASAP. We will then take an extra backup of the server and schedule an outage to replace the second drive during off-hours, where there will be less customer impact.

11:22 ET

The data center team is inspecting the server. We are awaiting updates.

10:50 ET

We notified our data center of a potential hardware issue. The data center team is investigating. For this particular server, investigation requires physical inspection of the server. 

10:35 ET

In response to customer reports of slowness, we investigated We attempted a soft reboot of the server and it did not respond. We attempted a hard reboot as well and got no difference.


Topics: Maintenance

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