SVN Mirroring with svnsync

Published 09 October 2014 by Runako Godfrey

Using version control for your code for a lot of reasons, but for many teams the #1 reason is to keep their code safe. For these teams, the version control system is a simple way of backing up their codebase.

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Infographic: Choosing the Right Source Control

Published 08 September 2014 by Runako Godfrey

Adherents of what we call the Church of Git have put forth the simple-sounding notion that source control is a solved problem, and that Git is always the answer.

Unfortunately, as with most tools, Git is not a fit for every project. We put together this infographic that will help you decide on the best source control for each of your projects.

You may find that the best approach is to use different systems for different projects. That's okay! Your customers don't care which system you use, and you'll be able to ship faster by using the right tool for the job.

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Slack Integration

Published 22 August 2014 by Runako Godfrey

Slack is a new team communications platform that's spreading rapidly across Silicon Valley and beyond. If you haven't tried it, Slack is complete communications platform that keeps everything in one place and lets you search all your team's messages for the answer to that tough configuration problem you solved last year. Even better, Slack works on the Web as well as mobile platforms, so you can be in touch wherever you are.

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Subversion Security Update

Published 12 August 2014 by Runako Godfrey

Image licensed via Creative Commons from JD Hancock (Flickr)

Yesterday, Subversion 1.8.10 was released to address two client-side security issues with Subversion.

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The Rumors of Subversion's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Published 02 April 2014 by C. G. Brown

Git, as we all know, is increasingly popular due to its distributed nature and fast branching and merging. Runako covered in a previous post circumstances where you may want to use Subversion over Git for software development, or vice versa.

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