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Published 13 November 2012 by C. G. Brown

The founders and core team of ProjectLocker went on a weekend retreat over this past weekend to redefine the strategy and tactics for our company. We're serving well over 100,000 customers now, and most of you are happy, but we know that we can do better in our support and product offering, and we know that if we can help our customers do their jobs better, we will ultimately achieve the success we desire as well.

We discussed mission, process, and priorities. The most important thing that came out of our discussion was a honed version of our mission. We always have known that we help software development teams, by eliminating drudgery and administrative overhead, by providing tools that are convenient and helpful. These things are necessary, but they are not sufficient. We've revised our mission statement to be, simply:

"ProjectLocker will allow developers to achieve an order of magnitude (10x) increase in productivity."

That's an aggressive and a radical goal, but it focuses us tightly on what will make your job as a developer easier. Productivity reports and rollups of what's happening on the project are great, and we will be adding those types of things. However, our focus is on the developer actually writing code. How can we help you identify dependency issues? How can we help you find hotspots where bugs may be lurking? How can we help you communicate with other developers more easily? How can we help you deploy and test faster? As we list the myriad features we could build, we'll be firing each of them in a crucible fueled by these questions. The end result? A radical improvement in developer experience, and a platform that delivers obvious time and monetary value to our customers.

You've already noticed some changes to our look and feel, and more changes will be coming soon as we improve your ability to communicate with other products that you use and with other team members. We're revising our internal process to improve accountability and allow us to deliver features on a weekly basis most weeks, so you should be seeing a lot more posts from us. We also want to hear from you, and you can write us at support [-at-] projectlocker.com or reach out on Twitter at @ProjectLockerHQ.

Keep an eye on us. Let us know what you want. And by all means, hold us accountable. It's great to write long treatises about what we're going to do better, but only time will tell what we are actually going to do, so if we come up short, yell at us to fix it.

For our part, we can't wait to show you what's next.     

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