*1.projectlocker.com Is Moving November 5 - Here's What You Need to Know

Published 01 November 2016 by C. G. Brown

Q: What’s happening?

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Topics: Maintenance, Upgrades

*3.projectlocker.com Is Moving October 23 - Here's What You Need to Know

Published 17 October 2016 by C. G. Brown

Q: What’s happening?

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Topics: Maintenance, Upgrades

Sluggish Network Issue

Published 20 January 2016 by Runako Godfrey

UPDATE: 20 Jan 21:49 GMT-5

There appears to have been a routing issue in our provider's data center. There was a bad connection between two routers outside of the ProjectLocker-specific portion of the network but inside our data center, and traffic through those routers had problems. The resulting packet loss was significant enough to impede network speeds.

Thank you for your patience. At this time, we believe the issue is resolved but will continue to monitor. Please try your connections now and let us know via support@ if you still see performance problems.

UPDATE: 20 Jan 20:59 GMT-5

The network team has identified and tuned a possible culprit. We are testing to determine the status.

UPDATE: 20 Jan 19:05 GMT-5 

Diagnostics on the network have proved inconclusive. We're doing further diagnostics on the server to determine if there's any hardware issue.

UPDATE: 20 Jan 17:29 GMT-5

The network team is performing a more detailed physical investigation of the network to determine where there might be problems.

UPDATE: 20 Jan 17:00 GMT-5

The network team has performed an initial investigation, and we're pushing for additional checking on a packet loss issue we're seeing on some of the internal switches inside the data center and outside of our specific network.

We've been tracking a networking issue affecting some of our customers on some of our servers today (see the list of affected servers below). We are aware of this issue and are actively working to resolve it. 

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Topics: Maintenance

ProjectLocker Emergency Maintenance - August 5, 2015 - pl3.projectlocker.com

Published 05 August 2015 by C. G. Brown

4:52 ET

The server appears to be back online. Customers should again have access.

4:08 ET

The RAID Arrays are 93% rebuilt.

3:21 ET

Tthe RAID Arrays are 67% rebuilt. 

2:21 ET

The faulty drives have been replaced and the RAID Arrays are 45% rebuilt. 

12:32 ET

The data center has reported two drives with warnings, which caused degradation of the array. We have requested that they replace the drive that is in worse shape, rebuild the array, and get customers back online ASAP. We will then take an extra backup of the server and schedule an outage to replace the second drive during off-hours, where there will be less customer impact.

11:22 ET

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Topics: Maintenance

ProjectLocker Maintenance - July 4 - pl1.projectlocker.com

Published 03 July 2015 by C. G. Brown

On Saturday, July 4, from 1 AM CDT (6 AM GMT) to  10 AM CDT (3 PM GMT), server pl1 will be undergoing maintenance to replace a hard drive and rebuild the RAID array. Access to Subversion, Git, and Trac services will be suspended during this time for that server. Users with a URL that ends in '1' will be affected (free1, venture1, etc.).

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Topics: Maintenance

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