Subversion 1.7 upgrade complete

Published 03 January 2012 by C. G. Brown

At this time, Subversion 1.7.2 is installed on all ProjectLocker production servers. You can upgrade your client to a 1.7 client to obtain the additional performance benefits, or continue using your 1.4 or higher clients if that's what you prefer.

There was an issue with case-sensitivity of email addresses that some customers experienced after the upgrade. The workaround was to use the same case for your email as you used when you entered it into Portal, but we investigated and determined why our customizations to Subversion did not pick up our addition of case-insensitive email address support. The installation was repaired and reinstalled, and your email should work in a case-insensitive way at this time. Trac is still case-sensitive as it has been, but we're working on a solution for that as well.

We hope everyone had a great holiday season and look forward to another year of serving you. Thank you as always for your patience and support as we continue to do our best to offer you the best value in hosted software quality solutions.

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