Ruby 1.9 and Passenger 4.0.5 Upgrade

Published 07 June 2013 by C. G. Brown

At ProjectLocker, we use Ruby on Rails to host our Portal and to do some of our back-end communication and processing. This week, we upgraded to Ruby 1.9, and while we were at it, upgraded to Passenger 4.0.5. This upgrade was done in preparation for some exciting new features that we will be releasing soon, but as part of it, you should notice substantially improved performance in ProjectLocker Portal.

The upgrade generally went well, but we ran into a few issues with syntax/method changes and character encoding. If you run into any issues with that, don’t worry! ProjectLocker Pulse will report any crashes to us, and we’re on full alert to get them fixed, so the problems should be solved in many cases before you can even open a ticket.

Passenger also deployed improved support for WSGI in this release, so we’re going to look at using it to serve our Trac applications. Stay tuned for more news on that front as we learn more.

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