Introducing the ProjectLocker Code Browser

Published 29 August 2013 by Caleb Reach

We’ve been working hard this summer on a replacement for Trac’s code browser. We’ll be rolling this out starting next week, and look for a full beta by the second week of September.

A detailed description of the underlying technology will follow in a series of blog posts, but for now, I’d like to present a high-level overview of the new system.

Key features of the new browser include

  1. Search


    As you search, autocomplete lists the names of matching classes, modules, and methods. Clicking on an autocomplete result takes you directly to the file and line where it’s defined. If what you’re looking for isn’t in the autocomplete results, just press enter to be taken to the search results page.

    Search results

    Our search results include context with every match – if a line within a method matches, we also include the line defining the method and the line defining the class in the result listing. This gives a collapsed view of the code tailored to your search query.

  2. Jump-to-definition

    Within a file, you can click on identifiers to jump directly to their definitions.

    Jump to definition

  3. Diff

    You can look at changes in both files and directories.


  4. Visualization

    We also have some new exciting new ways to explore your code.


    Tree diagram

    We will be covering these in more detail in the next few blog posts.

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