Git over HTTPS at ProjectLocker - now in Beta!

Published 18 January 2013 by C. G. Brown

After lots of figuring and configuring, we have finally released Git over HTTPS at ProjectLocker. We’re excited about this because it should greatly reduce the configuration pain of Git for our increasing number of users who wish to get started with it. No more dealing with public key configuration or SSH support tools like Plink and Pageant unless you prefer it. Less configuration means happier customers (and fewer support tickets for us grin).

On your end, finding your URL should be easy. Just click the Projects link when you log into Portal. Then click the “Click To View” link next to your desired project. You should see a window like the following:

GIT Create

The above example is for account PLScreencast, project GitCreateDemo, which lives on server 2. You can substitute your account name, project name, and server accordingly.

The URL includes a URL-safe version of your user name embedded in the URL for HTTP Basic Authentication (the ”@” symbol is replaced with “%40”). If you have a client that knows how to send a user name over HTTP Basic Authentication, then you can just use your login without modifying it, and take the user name out of the URL. If you’ve been with us long enough to have a login that is separate from your email address, you can just use that login. Your password for Portal and your other services should work. (Unlike Git with public keys, seeing a password request is a good thing!)

At this time, there is no support for HTTP access over a non-secured port. Projects that have HTTP access turned on will still need to use HTTPS for Git. Also, note that the URL for Git will not work in a browser; the correct information won’t be sent to the backend.

We are calling it a Beta until we see it perform well for our users. We won’t be rescinding it; it’s too important to our customer usability. However, we may need to make some adjustments to tune it over the coming weeks. If you run into any problems at all, open a ticket and we’ll help right away. Git over SSH will also continue to be supported, so if you have a setup that’s working, there’s no need to switch.

Thanks to our Git users for your patience, and we hope that this makes your lives easier!

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