We Want To Hear Your ProjectLocker Story

Published 27 October 2014 by C. G. Brown

Since 2003, ProjectLocker has helped thousands of customers with their software development projects. Over the past eleven (!) years, we've heard a lot of great stories from our customers about how ProjectLocker has changed the way they do business, or alleviated problems that were keeping their teams from moving at full speed. 

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Topics: Craftsmanship, Startups, Business

Create Trac Tickets via Email

Published 13 October 2014 by C. G. Brown

Did you know that you can send emails to Trac and have them automatically turned into tickets? 

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Topics: Updates, Features, Integrations, Trac

TSheets Add-On for Time Tracking

Published 10 October 2014 by Runako Godfrey

If you're a consultant or contractor, you probably get paid by billing your client for the hours you spend working on their projects. Your time is billable, so you need to keep track of it to make sure you get paid properly.

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Topics: Features, Integrations

SVN Mirroring with svnsync

Published 08 October 2014 by Runako Godfrey

Using version control for your code for a lot of reasons, but for many teams the #1 reason is to keep their code safe. For these teams, the version control system is a simple way of backing up their codebase.

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Topics: Subversion

Shellshock Security Update

Published 02 October 2014 by Runako Godfrey

Shellshock is a vulnerability in the GNU Bash shell that enables remote attackers to gain the ability to execute remote commands on a system. There are currently a few related security advisories available about this issue:

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Topics: Security

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