Yes Virginia, We Do Host Git

Published 14 August 2014 by C. G. Brown

Despite our deep, abiding affection and care for each and every one of you, occasionally, a customer sees fit to leave. When they do that, we ask them why. Sometimes, they tell us. 

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Topics: Git, Features, Customers

Subversion Security Update

Published 12 August 2014 by Runako Godfrey

Image licensed via Creative Commons from JD Hancock (Flickr)

Yesterday, Subversion 1.8.10 was released to address two client-side security issues with Subversion.

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Topics: Subversion, Security

Customer Spotlight: Pocket Yoga

Published 30 July 2014 by Runako Godfrey

Are you into yoga? Have you ever want to try it? Maybe you just want to improve your health and get into better shape?

Then you might want to check out Pocket Yoga.

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Topics: Business, Customers

ProjectLocker Upgrade to Subversion 1.8.9

Published 28 July 2014 by C. G. Brown

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Topics: Security, Updates, Maintenance

Your Metrics Are In Jeopardy

Published 23 July 2014 by C. G. Brown

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Topics: Startups, Business, SaaS, Metrics

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